How to Use SPD Upgrade Tool

How to Use SPD Upgrade Tool

SPD Upgrade Tool is a windows OS based software tool that helps to flash the Stock Firmware or stock ROM on all spreadtrum chipset based Smartphone. This tool is developed officially by spreadtrum communications Inc. This tool can be used to upgrade or flash stock ROM on your mobile which is spreadtrum chipset based. It has a solution for sure. But do you know How to Use SPD Upgrade Tool? If you don’t or having trouble then leave this to us. We are providing understandable details that will help you to work with it. Hopefully, it won’t be troublesome if you follow the step by step procedure.

This application can control upon the laptop or computer during windows as the in charity systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. This tool allows you to upgrade your spreadtrum device which comes with PAC firmware. Nowadays many Smartphone comes with spreadtrum PAC firmware. You won’t be able to flash that specific firmware to your Android device by using some of the other popular flashing tool options out there in existence like the MTK tools or the SP flash tool. The SPD upgrade tool allows for the flashing of P5C firmware files that can sometimes be found on the occasional spreadtrum device as well.

Remember that SPD upgrade tool only works on spreadtrum chipset based devices. Another fact you can find out from the guide that explains how to flash stock firmware on Spreadtrum phone. Learn how to flash using SPD upgrade tool from details below.

How to Use SPD Upgrade Tool Step By Step

Step 1: At first Download SPD Upgrade Tool Click Here.

Step 2: Extract each one the files and area in it one sticker album in your desktop somewhere.

Step 3: Open any of the flash tools version

Step 4: You must need to install the spreadtrum drivers first. Then click right SprdNpiDriverInstall.exe and select govern as administrator. You must disable the driver signature to install the secret driver if you are using windows 8/ can find out All Mobile Drivers

Step 5: Now open the research SPD Upgrade Tool album and click run UpgradeDownload.exe.

SPD Upgrade Tool,How to Use SPD Upgrade Tool,SPD Upgrade Tool Latest Version

Step 6: Open the flash file or .pac file. Click the first gear button. Find the .pac file.

SPD Upgrade Tool,How to Use SPD Upgrade Tool,SPD Upgrade Tool Latest Version

Step 7: You should notice something same to the image asleep after you have fixed the pac file.

Step 8: If you are pining to alter flash settings then click the second gear icon. But it is suggestive to depart the settings to default.

SPD Upgrade Tool,How to Use SPD Upgrade Tool,SPD Upgrade Tool Latest Version

Step 9: Click the arrow to foundation abnormal and see the image sedated.

Step 10: During you in a report to curtains clicking the arrow and perspective off your phone, wait for at least 15 seconds.

Step 11: Take the USB cable, money volume the length and plug your Android device into your computer. The process will begin automatically. Now you can forgive the volume button.

SPD Upgrade Tool,How to Use SPD Upgrade Tool,SPD Upgrade Tool Latest Version

Features of SPD Upgrade Tool

The main feature of the spreadtrum flash tool aka SPD upgrade tool is that it allows flashing .pac extension firmware on any type of spreadtrum chipset android phone. The way of this tool flashes .pac firmware allows flashing .p5c extinction firmware on any Spreadtrum chipset android mobile. It is a complete format or hard reset a spreadtrum device. You bring back the device to factory like new by flashing stock ROM. You can easily use this SPD upgrade tool to hard reset or format your spreadtrum chipset based SmartPhone. There are some mandatory features you need to know before you concern about “how to use SPD upgrade tool”. The basics include-

PAC Firmware: This SPD upgrade tool supports the flashing of PAC firmware and those are the most common firmware file types found on spreadtrum devices.

P5C: There are some other spradtrum devices come with P5C firmware instead. You can flash those tools using SPD upgrade tool.

LCD: It is possible to configure the LCD with this tool. However, this option is available only when you set a particular NV and user .img file.

Small File Size: The size of the SPD upgrade tool is less than 3 MB. It won’t take much hard drive space to have it installed on your laptops or desktops.

Multiple Languages: You can choose from various languages once you open the SPD upgrade tool’s interface. So you can read the options and buttons in your native tongue. There are many other flashing tools only support the English language. Some others such as Qcom phone download tool also support Chinese nowadays.

Versions of SPD Upgrade Tool (Spreadtrum Flash Tool)

Remember that you must always use the latest version of the SPD upgrade tool shown form any list as having the highest version number. Unless you have a good reason not to, don’t avoid this fact. Downloading the right software is as much important as the fact about how to use SPD upgrade tool. The latest versions of the flash tool offer the best of having a flash tool that is compatible with your android software as well as perhaps having some bug fixes which makes it better than its predecessors.

SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R21.0.0001 Latest

You can also download SPD all in one flash tools. It is a little size portable application which can be used to flash any firmware apprehending the subject of the sting phone spreadtrum chipset based tablet or Smartphone. When you download SPD flash tool, beware that the SPD flash tool by yourself supports the firmware as soon as .pac strengthen on.

If you still face any shackle then fell release to ask about it. You just need to leave a comment and we shall access it following so we can. If you locate this article helpful entertain portion or useful then don’t forget to recommend to your friends. We delivered the core detailed information that is definitely helpful with your issue. Give it a try and get the work done by no harm.

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